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 Effective Marketing Strategy for A Company Expansion in United Arab Emirates/ Dubai


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“General overview of the cultural dimensions”

Many different cultural dimensions study conducted to understand a culture better. The more common dimensions include language, religion, food and nutrition, family and kinship, music and dance, and art and architecture. By understanding the different cultural dimensions, we can better picture how a culture functions.

Cultural dimensions of Hofstede are concerned with "power distance, individualism, masculinity, uncertainty avoidance, long-term versus short-term orientation, indulgence, indulgence versus restraint, and self-control versus indulgence" (Keith, 2013).

Hofstede's cultural dimensions framework is a theory that describes and analyzes cultural differences across nations. The framework can be a valuable tool in learning about structure and culture in different countries. However, the framework has limitations. It does not consider economic or spiritual factors, nor does it explain the cultural differences (Taras, 2017).

As a result, many different cultural dimensions can be studied to understand a given culture better. More commonly studied dimensions include individualism vs. collectivism, power distance, and uncertainty avoidance. By understanding how a culture scores on these dimensions, we can begin to get a better sense of the values and beliefs that are important to them (Taras, 2017).

“Brief description about the country you have selected for your company expansion”
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Dubai, situated in the United Arab Emirates, is a highly sought-after tourist destination globally, and for a good reason. The city is home to some of the most iconic buildings and attractions globally. Dubai is also a central hub for trade and commerce and is home to several world-renowned businesses and organizations. In addition to its thriving business and tourism industries, Dubai is also a major center for media and entertainment. The city is home to many world-famous events and festivals and is also a popular destination for filmmakers and photographers (Davidson, 2021).

The metropolis of Dubai is the largest city in the United Arab Emirates and a premier global city. Dubai has developed into one of the Middle East’s most important banking and trade hubs, a central transport hub (with its major airport the world’s busiest for international freight traffic), it is one of the leading global names in culture, education, media, fashion, and commerce (Davidson, 2021).

Thus, Dubai has many attractions, and its strategic location makes it an ideal choice for companies looking to expand their operations. With its strategic location, world-class infrastructure, and pro-business environment, Dubai is perfect for company expansion.


“Describe the cultural dimensions of both your chosen country and your home country”

Cultural Dimensions of Dubai
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The cultural dimensions of Dubai are fascinating and varied. The city is home to people from all over the world, reflected in the many different cultures that exist there. There is something for everyone in Dubai, from the traditional Arab culture to the more modern Western influences. As a result, there is a great deal of cultural diversity, and there is a significant amount of tolerance for religious and cultural differences. The city is also home to several iconic landmarks and attractions that will impress. Dubai is also a cosmopolitan city, with a wide range of restaurants, hotels, and other businesses that cater to a global clientele (Moghadam, 2021). Whether you are interested in the history and culture of the UAE or you are simply looking for a place to enjoy some fun in the sun, Dubai is the perfect destination.

According to Moghadam (2021), Dubai’s cultural landscape is ever-changing. It consists mainly of nationalities and ethnicities, bringing different cultures and traditions to the emirate. The Emirati, who make up the majority of the population, developed a unique culture, contributing to Dubai’s cultural landscape.

Cultural Dimensions of Jordan
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The cultural dimensions of Jordan are pretty diverse, with influences from both the East and the West. Jordan has a substantial Arab cultural effect and Turkish, Persian, and African effects. The country is relatively small, but its culture is rich. Jordan is home to various cultures and traditions, including Kurds, Turkomans, and Palestinians. There is also a significant Christian minority. This diversity is reflected in the country's architecture, cuisine, music, and art (Harahsheh, 2019).

Therefore, the cultural dimensions of Jordan are heavily influenced by Islamic traditions and values. There is a strong focus on community and social cohesion, and people are expected to help out their neighbors and treat others with respect (Harahsheh, 2019). The family is the most critical unit in Jordanian society, and extended families often live together nearby. Hospitality and generosity are highly valued, and guests always feel welcome.

Jordan has a rich history and culture, with several historical and archaeological sites and popular tourist destinations. The country is home to different ethnic and religious groups, each with its customs and traditions. Therefore, there are many cultural dimensions to Jordan.

“Compare the country you have selected to your home country using Hofstede culture dimensions.”

There are many ways to compare and contrast the cultures of Jordan and United Arab Emiratis by using the frameworks of Hofstede's cultural dimensions. Having Dubai and Jordan as perfect examples of two countries with significant cultural similarities and similar cultural dimensions is highly beneficial. It helps identify and compare the similarities and differences between the countries. Following are the comparison between both countries:


Jordan has a power distance score of 70, while the United Arab Emirates has a power distance score of 74. Both countries have relatively high power distance scores, indicating that power is evenly distributed throughout society and that people are generally comfortable with authority. That means hierarchy is a popular way of organizing people, reflecting inherent inequalities. In a hierarchy, Subordinates typically expect to receive clear instructions from an authority figure, which is often their boss or manager (Almutairi et al., 2021).


         Jordan has a low individualism score of 30. While the United Arab Emirates has a score of 36, both countries have a relatively similar score which is considered collectivistic societies. That means that people in Jordan are more likely to be more group-oriented and care for the community, while people in the UAE are more likely to look out for themselves and their interests. Loyalty is highly valued in collectivist cultures, and generally, people in these cultures have a long-term commitment to their groups, whether it be their family or other close relationships (Almutairi et al., 2021).


Jordan's score of 45 indicates that it is a moderately feminine society. Feminine societies concentrate more on the needs of the family than on the needs of the individual. There is an emphasis on consensus and group goals, where goals are more important than individual needs.

In Dubai, masculinity is expressed more through wealth and power. That reflects in the different economic statuses of the two countries; Jordan is a developing country, while Dubai is a wealthy city-state (Almutairi et al., 2021). However, UAE is higher than Jordan; it has an average score of 52, which is considered a masculine society.


Jordan has an intermediate score of 65. Jordan is a relatively uncertain country when it comes to its future. Uncertainty avoidance is how people prefer familiar and routine things and relationships and are averse to change and unpredictability. Additionally, Jordan has limited resources, which could make it difficult for the country to sustain itself in the future (Almutairi et al., 2021).

Uncertainty avoidance is a concept that has been used to describe how people make decisions and choices. It is believed that the individual has to consider all aspects of the decision and be aware of all the possible outcomes. People are more likely to undertake a task when they perceive they have choices over a particular situation (Almutairi et al., 2021). However, The Arab Emirates has a high preference for avoiding uncertainty, scoring 66 on this dimension.


Jordan has a score of 16, which is known for its short-term orientation. That is evident in the way that the country values tradition and continuity. In contrast, UAE has a score of 22, which high than Jordan. That means that the country is focused on the future and takes a long-term perspective. That reflects in the country's focus on education, infrastructure investment, and commitment to sustainable development (Almutairi et al., 2021).


Whereas Jordan has a low score of 43, it is pretty traditional and reserved, and Dubai is quite the opposite. It's a city where people come to indulge in all sorts of excesses and extravagances. There is no shortage of ways to spend your money in Dubai, from the opulent hotels and resorts to the endless shopping and dining options. Dubai is the place for you if you're looking for a place to let loose and enjoy yourself (Almutairi et al., 2021).


“Describe how your company could use the information you gathered to build an effective marketing strategy? Examples will help typify your points.”

An effective marketing strategy considers the needs and wants of the target market and then creates a plan to reach those individuals. Thus, not all marketing strategies will work for all businesses, so it is crucial to tailor the strategy to fit the company and the culture of its presence (Vasilikaris, 2022).

There are many ways to build an effective marketing strategy in Dubai. The most crucial factor is to understand the local culture and what appeals to the people of Dubai. It is also essential to have a solid online presence, as many people in Dubai are highly connected. Additionally, traditional marketing channels such as print and television can effectively reach the local population.

Here are detailed steps for building an effective marketing strategy in Dubai with examples as follows:

1- Creating culturally specific marketing campaigns, developing products and services that appeal to the local market, and providing training to employees on how to best interact with customers from Dubai (Bournias et al., 2022).  

2- Catering to the needs and wants of the local people. For example, they could create advertising and marketing materials specifically designed to appeal to the local cultures. Additionally, they could hold events and promotional campaigns aimed at the local market to reach a wider audience (Bournias et al., 2022).

3- Catering to the cultural preferences of the target market. For example, the company could focus on marketing products and services that are in line with the Islamic values of the target market or that are seen as luxurious and extravagant. Additionally, the company could use popular marketing channels in the region (Bournias et al., 2022).

4- Using it to segment the market, target the right audience, and create customized messages. For example, the company could segment the market by geographical areas, income levels, or cultural groups. They could create personalized messages by using language, imagery, and tone that resonate with the cultural values of their target market (Vasilikaris, 2022).

5- Tailoring our products and services to meet the needs and wants of the Dubai market. For example, we would need to research what products and services are in demand and then design our offerings to fit those needs. And to make sure our prices align with customers who are willing and able to pay (Alessio & Souza, 2022).

6- Creating a campaign that targets the cultural dimensions. For example, if the company wants to target the dimension of power distance, they could create a campaign that promotes the company as being powerful and influential. If the company wants to target the dimension of individualism, it could make a campaign that supports the company as unique and individualistic (Alessio & Souza, 2022).

7- Understanding the customer's needs and wants. The company could use this information to create a marketing campaign that would be appealing to the customer. The company could also use this information to understand what product would be most appealing to the customer (Alessio & Souza, 2022).



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