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Money is that the root of all evil

Money is that the root of all evil!

Money is that the root of all evil



We hear people say this all the time, but is it true?
It is true.a minimum of to the who speak it.It is true for them; because words become beliefs. It is true for them, because they believe it. Once we are conditioned to believe something from a young age we tend to seek out examples to keep a copy of our beliefs, and if you are determined to prove your point, you will find many examples to back it up.
choose to specialize in the nice things money does for people.
How could money be the basis of all-evil? Money is paper. SOME PEOPLE, very few, but some people, may have intentions which may be considered evil, but money in itself is nothing, it is neither good nor bad. What you are doing with money could also be considered good or bad.

Some of the richest people within the world are the foremost giving. Giving freely huge percentages of their income to charities and people in need. Ironically, people who say money is evil most frequently do not give even some of their money away.

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