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The Dallas Cowboys pulled off a miraculous performance in the fourth quarter of their most recent game, coming back from a 12-point deficit to take a one-point victory. They scored an impressive 33 points in the fourth quarter, an impressive feat for any team, but especially for one that had been struggling. The comeback was a testament to the resilience of the Cowboys and the tenacity of their players and coaches alike. It was a game that will be remembered for its display of skill, heart, and determination as the Cowboys fought their way to victory. With the playoffs approaching, the team's performance in the fourth quarter of this game is even more encouraging as it gives a strong indication that the Cowboys may be able to compete with the best teams in the league.

The Cowboys scored 33 Points in the 4th Quarter


The Cowboys scored 33 Points in the 4th Quarter


1. Cowboys come back from behind to win the game.

The Dallas Cowboys made an incredible comeback in the fourth quarter of their game against the New England Patriots. Despite trailing by 10 with only a few minutes left in the game, the Cowboys managed to score 13 unanswered points to take the lead and eventually win the game. It was an extraordinary show of resilience from the Cowboys, who scored 33 points in the fourth quarter alone. Not only did the offense come alive in the fourth, but the defense held the Patriots to just three points in the quarter, which proved to be the difference in the end. The Cowboys’ win was indeed a turning point for the team, who now has the confidence to take on any opponent.


2. Dak Prescott throws for four touchdowns in the 4th quarter.

The Cowboys scored a remarkable 33 points in the 4th quarter, capped off by a remarkable performance from Dak Prescott. The Cowboys quarterback threw for four touchdowns in the quarter, helping the Cowboys secure the lead and securing a victory. Prescott's performance in the quarter was the highlight of the game, as he consistently found openings in the defense, connecting with his receivers for long gains. His accuracy in the quarter was incredible, and his touchdowns were a testament to his ability to read the defense and make the right decisions. He was a significant reason why the Cowboys could take the lead in the 4th quarter, and his play will be remembered for a long time.


3. DeMarcus Lawrence has two sacks and two forced fumbles in the 4th quarter.

The Dallas Cowboys ended the fourth quarter with a bang, scoring 33 points and sealing the victory in a thrilling game. The team was truly pushed to the limit, but thanks to a few key plays from star player DeMarcus Lawrence, they were able to take the win. Lawrence had two sacks and two forced fumbles in the fourth quarter, which came at critical moments during the game. His performance in the fourth quarter was pivotal to the Cowboys' success, and the entire team owes him a debt of gratitude for his determination and skill.


4. Cowboys defense holds the opposing team scoreless in the 4th quarter.

The Cowboys' defense had a great showing in the fourth quarter, managing to hold the opposing team scoreless for the entire quarter. This fantastic effort from the Cowboys' defense allowed the team to cruise to victory without too much trouble. The Cowboys' offense also had an excellent performance in the fourth quarter, scoring 33 points to help the Cowboys seal the victory. With the Cowboys defense keeping the opposing team at bay, the Cowboys offense could focus on their own game and come out on top with a 33-point fourth quarter.


5. Cowboys win the game with a final score of 33-17.

The Dallas Cowboys finished the 2021 season on a high note, winning the game with a final score of 33-17. After a tight first half, the Cowboys pulled away in the 4th quarter, scoring a total of 33 points in the final 15 minutes. The Cowboys' offense was unstoppable in the second half, with quarterback Dak Prescott throwing for two touchdowns and running back Ezekiel Elliott doing the same. The team's defense also shut down their opponents, recording two interceptions and a fumble recovery. The Cowboys' victory marked a fitting end to their highly successful 2021 season.


In conclusion, the Cowboys' unexpected offensive outburst in the fourth quarter of their game against the Eagles was a pleasant surprise. The team was able to rally late and come away with a win, demonstrating the players' resilience and the power of their offense. With the win, the Cowboys move to an even 4-4 record on the season and will look to build on the momentum of their strong finish in their upcoming games.


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