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Creative and critical thinking go hand in hand. Creative thinking entails clear, fresh, and relevant ideas to solve problems effectively. Hence, when you assess and select the best-worthy alternative, that means you are utilizing your ability to think critically. 

How to Overcome Obstacles of Creative Thinking

What are obstructions to individual and group creative thinking?

Critical thinking is the master key to creative thinking (Wongpinunwatana et al., 2018). According to Boone et al., (1990), creativity is the leading driver of business success in rapid and continuous changes. Therefore, creativity must be in all human development and planning processes. Accordingly, the more adapting at devising creative solutions to the inevitable problems of daily life and work, the more productive you will be.

          Furthermore, if you are unable to think creatively, that may indicate you have obstructions that limit your ability to solve your personal and professional problems. Such obstruction could be as follows: (1) lack of direct directions and instructions—that is,  when you do not have clear goals or strategic and action plans, your creative thinking is, unfortunately, unemployed, (2) failure feelings, that refers to when you have feelings of loss because you made a mistake or wasted your time, that caused decrease your creativity in solving your problem, and your loss will be worse, (3) fear of refusal or fear of criticism, which might be a result of damaging your image in the eyes of others, which can block your skills of creative thinking, an issue that can destroy your concentration on the problem (4) staying in your comfort zone and refusing to adjust to new situations. Fear of saying or doing things differently from what you did in the past prevents you from becoming creative, (5) automatic and routine thinking. In fact, the mind, like a muscle, requires constant activities to maintain its vigor and energy (Tracy, 2016), (6) a lack of appreciation, a workload, critical people, and a lack of support, all that prevent the employees to have time to think creatively (Al Ajmi, 2019).


How do you overcome these obstructions?

          Since each human has a brain to think creatively, you should learn how to unlock your cognitive abilities as follows: (1) Determine clear goals and plan how to accomplish them, which would help you move forward and enhance your creativity. (2) Remember, failure can be a beneficial force; you must expect to fail, but do not let such an expectation limit your creative advancement. (3) Fears of rejection and criticism can lead to underachievement; thus, you must be brave and use your creative ability. (4) You must step outside of your comfort zone. if you don’t; however, you will get locked in that confined zone, which is far from the world of creativity. (5) Avoid reacting with negativity and discouragement to every new idea or way of doing things, and train yourself to accept all new things that lead to creativity (Tracy, 2016) (6) Organizations must implement approaches to removing barriers to creativity and innovation is to encourage activities that generate creative ideas, promote innovative solutions and motivate people to think creatively (Al Ajmi, 2019).

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